Tuesday, November 30, 2021

11:00 AM
  21-20656   Michael R. Bowie    Ch. 13  
  #38; Motion to Sell Real Estate Free and Clear of Liens . Receipt #A10001175 Fee Amount $188. Filed by David F. Falvey on behalf of Michael R. Bowie, Debtor on 11/22/2021. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit Comparative Market Analysis # 2 Exhibit #2 Inspection Report # 3 Exhibit #3 History of Marketing properity # 4 Exhibit #5 Purchase and Sale Agreement # 5 Exhibit #5 Appendix O Sale Notice # 6 Exhibit #6 RESPA and Disbursements # 7 Exhibit Statement of Disinterest M. Bowie # 8 Exhibit Statement of Disinterest Atty Phillips # 9 Exhibit # 9 Statement of Disinterest Dale Bunn # 10 Exhibit Statutory Warranty Deed of property)


03:00 PM
  21-20284   Hermell Products Inc.    Ch. 11  
  #4; Motion to Use Cash Collateral and Granting Adequate Protection Filed by Anthony S. Novak on behalf of Hermell Products Inc., Debtor. (Novak, Anthony) Modified on 3/29/2021 Any request to Expedite Hearing must be filed separately. Please re-file accordingly.


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